Critical care in its various forms plays a central role in access to medical care. Because of its dramatic display of medical intervention at its best, it is viewed as part of any quality medical system. The constant thrust for improvement of quality can prove significant for all who care for the critically ill.

At this Centre we aim to provide exceptionally high level of critical care & emergency services. We recruit, train and maintain a highly qualified and competent team of health care professionals devoted to the care of the critically ill.

    We offer round-the-clock quality service to our patients. Various facilities available at this Centre include:


  • Both diagnostic as well as therapeutic bronchoscopy facilities are offered at this centre.
  • Diagnostic: In the diagnostic range, in addition to routine bronchoscopies we also perform Bronchial washes, Bronchial lavage and Bronchoscopic Lung Biopsy (BLB). Recently we have introduced Trans Bronchial Needle Aspiration (TBNA) for mediastinal masses and lymph nodes. We have collaborated with pathological services to provide Rapid Onsite Cytology (ROSE) for prompt diagnosis.
  • Therapeutic: In therapeutic range we do Foreign Body Extraction, Closure of
  • Bronchopleural Fistula (BPF) and Balloon Tamponade for severe Hemoptysis.
  • We plan to introduce cautery for bronchial tumours and stenting for inoperable tumours.

    Spirometry :
    It is an important lung function test to diagnose various airway problems like Bronchial Asthma, COPD, PCD etc. We cater to all classes of patients, be it nephrology cases, post-operative surgical patients, chest patients or cardiac cases. We specialize in ventilatory management of:

  • ARDS, Respiratory failure.
  • Pulmonary Edema.
  • Bronchial Asthma / COPD patients
  • Routine post-operative patients.